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Model: KBL-5000


To make resurfacing for drums and disks easy and safe!

KBL-5000 enables resurfacing for not only disks but also drums.

As the disks and drums are separated from the vehicles to be resurfaced.

The conditions of the disks and drums are diagnosed accurately.

Resurfacing of drums especially maximizes the efficiency of the resurfacing operation.

Try resurfacing various drums and disks from different vehicle types.






1HP, 0.75kw 220V-3.4A/440V-1.44A(3P), 50/60Hz

Motor RPM 0~120 RATIO-1:15

Option 2HP

-Disk (rotor) size

 Maximum diameter 500mm

Maximum thickness 50mm

-Drum size

Maximum diameter 600mm

Minimum diameter 200mm

Maximum depth 250mm

-Machine net weight 250Kg