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Satisfy economical price and high quality at the same time.

KBL-3300 is the product designed slimmer that is specialized disk polishing product and improved quality with simple transportation and installation. Also, all SERVICEMEN can buy without burden with economical price. It is attached high definition lathe at same time applied automatic removal, stoppage function for driver circuit segment.

There is adopted inverter and embedded vibration free roller, blowing prevention for cutting chip as basis that prevents more perfectly vibration at disk polishing.

Functions available to polish non-hub type disk rotor and hub type disk rotor at same time.




 1/2HP, 0.37kw 220V-2A/440V-1.2A(3P), 50/60Hz

 Motor RPM120 RATIO- 1:15


-Disk (rotor) size

Maximum diameter 360mm

Maximum thickness 38mm

-Machine net weight 100Kg