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Gas Analyzer (KEG 500)

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Portable (compact size, light weight)
Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
Response time of less than 10 seconds
Stand-by for low power consumption when unit is not in use
Automatic adjustment of warming-up time (2-8minutes.)
Tow LED indicators
Extra filters and printer paper
Elegant and simple appearance





Measuring item CO, HC


Measuring method CO, HC : NDIR


Measuring range CO 0.00 ~ 9.99% HC 0 ~ 9999 ppm


Resolution 0.01% 1 ppm


Display 4 digit 7segment LED 4 digit 7segment LED


Repeatability Less than 2% FS


Response time

Within 10 seconds (more than 90%)


Warming up time About 2 ~ 8 minutes


Flow rate 4 ~ 6 L/min
   Power AC110V or AC220V 10%, 50/60Hz
  Power consumption About 50 W
  Operation Temp 0 ~ 40
  Dimensions 285 (W) * 410 (D) * 155 (H) mm
  Weight About 4.5 kg
  Basic accessaries Probe, Probe hose, Spare fuse, Leak test cap, Spare
  filter, Operation manual, Power cord Ground cable,
  Calibration controller nipple, Calibration connecting hose

Product Detail Image

Diesel Smoke Tester.jpg