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Common Rail System Test Bench

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Common rail + plunger runctional tester

Function of tester

  • Test for spray volume of injector
  • Test for spray form of injector
  • Test for return volume of sprayed volume by injector
  • Test for flow volume of various high pressure supply pump (Bosch, Delphi, Denso)
  • Test for various common rail high pressures
  • Simulation test for various common rails
  • Injector auto cleaning function while test (optional)
  • Injector auto cleaning function while car engine works (optional)

Various high pressure pumps and adaptors

Major Specifications

  • High Pressure Pump Drive Motor: AC220v/380v/3ph/60Hz (Control by inverter) 4 Cylinder / 7.5 (10HP)
  • Low Pressure Pump Driver Motor: AC220v/380v/3ph/60Hz 200w(1/3 Hp)
  • Low Pressure Pump: Output pressure 0-7kg /cm² max output flow 7ℓ/min
  • Fuel tank: 20ℓ (Working capacity 15liters)
  • Temperature control: 0-100℃ Cooling air type
  • Glass (measuring glass pipe): 150cc6ca 32cc12ea both sides
  • Stroke Counter: 0-1050 Turns
  • Engine r.p.m. : 600-4100 (600, 650, 700 --- 4100) Digit
  • High Pressure Pump r.p.m: 0-3000 (4 digit 0-9999 r.p.m indication)
  • Low pressure analog gauge : 100Ø 6kg/cm² (industrial precision stainless type)
  • Low pressure Regulator : 0-6kg/cm² supply pressure control
  • High pressure analog gauge : 100Ø 2000kg/cm² (industrial precision stainless type)
  • High pressure Regulator : 0-2000kg/cm² (2000bar) pressure control
  • High pressure Pump flow measuring Valve
  • Radiator for fuel cooling (width) 400mm x (length)400mm
  • Fuel filter for lines 30Mierons
  • Timer for setting of test duration: 0-60 Minutes
  • Test jig fixture bed : (w)220 x (d)35 x (l)600 T home type
  • Pressure sensor connector
  • Analog gauge for feed pump 60Ø 0-15kg/cm² (industrial precision stainless)
  • DC Power supply 12V/24V connector


High pressure pump, plunger, injector fixture

  • Equal effective functions of 2 testers as one tester
    (Common rail tester + plunger tester)
  • Maximize effective test results with changing adaptors for common rail injector and plunger injector
  • High pressure pump and plunger could be tested by changing of ring bracket

Fuel level indicator

  • Tests for volume of sprayed fuel, returned volume and high pressure pump flow could be done by one time test
  • Tests could be done continuously by fixing measuring glass at both sides.
  • Measuring the level of oil without spray by the type of orifice nozzle flow

Digital control box

  • Possible to various channels for test of spray for injector.
  • Possible to have one touch test for different types of common rails (Bosch, Delphi, Denso)
  • Measuring spray by engine r.p.m, and rail pressure is displayed as digital and analog.