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Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer,Wheel Aligner (KE 2200)

Product Detail Information


  • KE 2200 was engineered to meet the needs of today's high performance tires and wheels. The underside pneumatic wheel clamps have been replaced with a safe, proven system for securing the tire during inflation.


  • New locking system of the operation arms avoids any clearance.
  • The improved tool shape reduces drastically the friction between the tool and the bead, and makes it impossible to damage the tire.
  • Bead breaker with 3 support points allows perfect stability of the wheel.
    Operated by a 3 tons cylinder handles all tires up to 13" wide.
  • New self-centering chuck clamps from outside till 18", including light alloy rims and 17.5" light truck wheels


Self centering chuck opening
10"~17.5" from the outside, 12"~20" from the inside
Bead-braking power
Bead-braking blade opening
285 mm
Wheel diameter
1,000 mm (39")
Wheel width
330 mm (13")
Working air pressure
8~ 12 bar (110~170 psi)
Max spindle torque
110 kg/m
Motor power
1.5 ph (0.75 Kw)
190 kg
545(W) x 950(L)mm x 1,740(H)
Optional accessories
Air pressure gauge, Air regulator, Rim lever, Brush